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Realtor Redux: A 'Light' Redux in La Habra Brings in an Extra $60k

Realtor Redux: A 'Light' Redux in La Habra Brings in an Extra $60k

When we received a call to discuss the sale of a home in La Habra, it was right up our alley.

The seller was looking to sell his long-time family home and was very aware and direct about its need for a facelift. It had been advised, by another agent, that the seller spend upward of $60,000 to do a major renovation thereby increasing the potential asking price of the home.

When this was explained to us we offered a different approach.

Since the large scale and very expensive renovation suggested wasn’t going to fundamentally change the home – adding a bathroom or additional square footage for example – we advised the seller to think long and hard about spending so much money.

As the home was only 1,100 square feet and one bathroom, our opinion was that over-improving things like the kitchen for example may not yield a sufficient return on the investment.

SO, we suggested a light ‘redux’ that involved spending about $12,000 to improve the potential asking price by about $50,000.

In the end our budget allowed for a full interior re-paint, refinishing the original 1954 hardwood flooring along with changing various light fixtures, installing new kitchen and bathroom flooring and a new dishwasher.

Our investment did the trick!

Once completed Martina did a fantastic job beautifully staging the home. We complimented the prep and staging with professional photos and went on the market.

We sold the home within four days to a lovely young couple and sold the home for $10,000 over asking price, a FULL $60,000 over the original as-is price.

The seller was thrilled by the speed of the sale and the fact that not only did his investment pay off multiple times, but it essentially was fully paid for by the increase in our sales price.

Realtor Redux: 3 inspired buyers; $10k over-asking

Realtor Redux: 3 inspired buyers; $10k over-asking

We specialize in advising homeowners on strategic home improvements they can make to increase their net proceeds when they go to sell, so when a previous client reach out to us for help getting his home ready for market, we were ready for the task.

Our client acknowledged his property was in need of inspired improvement. We immediately got to work on the exterior, removing overgrown shrubbery and making wood repairs prior to a full exterior re-paint.

We took a paint brush to the interior walls and installed new carpets, select lighting, mirror and faucet replacements. To cap it off, we took on a deep cleaning of the home and windows.

We listed the freshly prepared home on a Thursday at noon time. COVID-19 restrictions mean we still cannot host public open houses are allowed, but in the next few days scheduled 25 private buyer showings.

We ended up with three inspired homebuyers who made offers. After careful review and consideration of multiple factors, our client selected a buyer escrow for $10,000 above our increased asking price (we raised the price $10,000 the day prior to going on the market).

In the end, the seller spent approximately $18,000 on improvements to prepare the home for the market. By our estimates, his investment easily resulted in 3x cash return on the sales price of the home.

The Redux method has been proven time and again to result in both a faster sale and a higher sales price. We are believers in putting in the effort up front to have a positive and more favorable outcome for the seller.

Realtor Redux: An Inspired Improvement in Tustin

Realtor Redux: An Inspired Improvement in Tustin

When a past client from nearly 10 years ago contacted us to assist with the sale of his home in Tustin, we were thrilled to be trusted and for his loyalty.

He acknowledged that the home could stand for a bit of inspired improvement, and Martina was just the person to coordinate our efforts and oversee those improvements.

Due to the seller’s out of state moving schedule, we started the redux on the exterior of the home beginning with major growth and shrub removal from the backyard.

This was an impactful change as the yard had become overgrown and neglected, the owner liked the way the prior growth provided privacy for him but we knew it needed to be cleaned up to best show the size of the yard, and to allow more light into the home.

The client was entirely open to our ideas and suggestions and the work proceeded. The entire exterior of the home was repainted as well, but prior to the paint termite and wood rot repairs were completed.

Once the client moved out of the home, we were able to finish the interior improvements within three weeks’ time, which included: interior paint, new carpet, select lighting, mirror and faucet replacements and a deep cleaning of the home and windows.

Once ready for customized staging, Martina completed that task beautifully and made the home both feel more welcoming and feel much more modern than its 1968 age would normally show.

We completed the Redux by hiring our professional photographer to take beautiful photo and to complete a Matterport virtual tour.

Will our inspired improvements be enough to inspire a buyer to make an offer? Check back with us for the outcome of this significant Redux.

Will the Realtor Redux method prevail? The outcome

Will the Realtor Redux method prevail? The outcome

We’re back at our Fullerton condo, now with unobstructed majestic mountain and golf course views. The unit is bright and modern, coated in fresh interior paint with carpets cleaned.

This condo had languished on the market, as not one but TWO other agents lacked the right touch to move this property. Initially a lack of home staging held homebuyers back from seeing its potential.

When that didn’t work, the second agent staged with the homeowner’s existing furnishings and furniture, which made it difficult for homebuyers to see the space as a modern, move-in ready condo.

But was is it really a matter or proper staging and marketing that was scarring away potential buyers, or was it the higher-than-average $600 monthly HOA payment and the looming condo assessment?

This time we truly put the Realtor Redux method to the test, so did it prevail?

We are THRILLED to say we sold the condo within three weeks of it going on the market to a lovely buyer who was ready to downsize. We worked with the buyer's agent... on behalf of our seller to negotiate a price all parties could agree upon – without any credits or concessions for the assessment.

Our seller was happy to move on from the condo. The buyer was happy to enjoy the beautiful views and fresh finishes. The Realtor Redux method prevailed.

Will the Realtor Redux method prevail?

Will the Realtor Redux method prevail?

At Bobbett and Associates, we specialize in helping homeowners sell their properties faster and for higher prices by making strategic property improvements prior to listing on the market.

This time we will be putting our Realtor Redux method to the test as we look to improve a Fullerton condo, which two agents before us failed to sell.

We will be working with the daughter of the aging homeowner, who told us the first agent tried to show the home with zero staging, while the second agent staged the home but made no improvements and used the homeowner’s furnishings.

Another hurdle will be overcoming the higher-than-average HOA fee of $600 plus a looming condo assessment, but we believe the right buyer will fall in love once we’ve modernized the unit with a few key improvements.

This condo is well maintained but dated in its finishes and furnishings. It boasts amazing views of the golf course below and the majestic mountains in the distance.

Presently this amazing view is obscured by bulky window coverings and old, bubbled and faded window tint. We will have our window tint specialist get to work on removing the film, plus we will repaint the interior and give the carpets a nice, deep cleaning.

Once the canvas is cleaned up, Martina will get to working her home staging magic, using hand-selected pieces from her personal collection.

Will Realtor Redux touch be enough to quickly attract a buyer, or will this condo languish on the market? Check back soon to find out!


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