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How does Prop 19 impact California residents? Watch this video

We've heard people asking about Proposition 19 in California, and this new legislation is getting a lot of attention and press in our real estate community.

This video provides a quick "in a nutshell" look at Prop 19. The upshot of Prop 19 could be negative depending on where you are, or positive.

Most notably, Prop 19 allows any California resident over 55 to take their current tax base with them anywhere in California. The new property can be in any California county and listed for equal, or even greater value.

Prop 19 also changes rules so far as inheriting a home from parent to child. Essentially, if a child inherits a home that was their parents' primary home and the child makes the home his or her primary home, the child may keep the parents' tax base. If the child makes it an investment or rental property, the tax base will be reassessed.

While we're focusing on the bigger picture of Prop 19, there are loop holes and caveats to consider. Contact us if you have questions about your specific real estate situation or need help buying or selling real property.

Video: Interview with Maury Oglevie of non-profit ALPHA

Today we interviewed the philanthropy chair, Maury Oglevie, of ALPHA, an auxiliary of the Assistance League of Fullerton. Giving and charitable works continue, even during COVID.

If you wish to connect with ALPHA you may do so at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Video: Interview with John Reed of Le Potager in Fullerton

We love our locally owned businesses in Fullerton and wanted to interview local business owners check in during this challenging time and learn about unique ways they are finding to continue operating and serving their customers.

In this episode, James sits down with John Reed, owner of the antiques and home decor boutique Le Potager on Brookdale Avenue in Fullerton.

iBuyers Explained

In this video we discuss iBuyers. What is an iBuyer? What does an iBuyer do? What are the advantages and possible disadvantages of an iBuyer?


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