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What’s the story behind all the red chairs?

I had an idea last summer I said to James: “Going forward, let’s put two red chairs in the front yard of all our listings.”

I had no deep and meaningful reason for doing this other than I thought they looked lovely against the trees and grass. As many of you will know, red is my all-time favorite color. To me, there is red, and then there are all those other colors.

Nothing makes such a statement as a red front door, or a red car, or, wait for it, Jimmy Choo shoes with red soles!

But perhaps, subconsciously, there was a deeper meaning behind my off-the-cuff idea (although I highly doubt it!)

In Australia and New Zealand, for example, corporations believe that a red chair represents the voice of the client. In practice, an empty red chair will be placed at a boardroom meeting so that each person who speaks will be reminded of their clients.

In Canadian parks, red chairs have been placed in strategic spots and invites the weary wanderer, after a strenuous walk or hike, to rest and contemplate the beauty surrounding them in the park.

The World Wide Web talks about ‘A Red Chair Culture’. The overall idea behind this is to get people to sit down and listen to each other, to make a connection, to see each other as equals.

I little knew what I was doing when I came up with the idea, but all of the above uses of red chairs can certainly be applied to Bobbett & Associate’s use of them.

We want to please our clients by making the exterior of their homes look lovely. We want to create an appealing oasis to potential buyers as, exhausted from house hunting, they pull up in front of the home with the red chairs on the lawn.

And most of all, we certainly always want to listen. Listening to people when they speak is one of the greatest gifts we can give, and if our “little red chairs” help further that, then yay for the little red chairs!

Until next time…

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