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Realtor Redux: Diamond in the rough in need of a shine

At Bobbett and Associates we advise homeowners on strategic improvements to increase their home’s listing price and net gains on the home sale.

We make a home ‘move-in’ ready for new buyers, and over time, the new owners can make the big improvements, such as remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms.

Our latest project has good bones but has been heavily smoked in so will need a deep cleaning and some updates such as interior paint and the removal of exterior window awnings. The property was last sold in 1955 to its original owner.

We have a total budget of $5,500 to revitalize this charming home into a bright, light and welcoming property that will entice offers. We believe with a bit of TLC, this will become a perfect place for a new owner to customize with her or her own touches and improvements.

Will we be able to restore this diamond in the rough into the gem of its former glory? We certainly think so but check back next week to see the outcome!

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