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Realtor Redux: Our Spanish inspired-style home in Fullerton looks fresh again

At Bobbett and Associates, we make a home ‘move-in’ ready for new buyers. Over time, the new owners can make the big improvements, such as remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms. We advise on strategic improvements to increase a home’s listing price and the net gain of the home owner.

We return to our latest Realtor Redux project, a Spanish inspired style home built in 1926. The interior of the 3-bedroom / 1.75-bathroom home in the Golden Hills area of Fullerton has been lovingly preserved with its Batchelder tile fireplace, hardwood floors and curved ceiling details.

But our home inspection revealed the exterior was in need of termite and other wood repairs. Chipped and peeling paint also indicated that a fresh coat of paint was in order to help revitalize the home’s appearance and upgrade first impressions with potential buyers.

We encouraged the seller to invest in exterior improvements, as the home offered great street presence and architectural integrity but lacked recent improvements. We felt the lack of exterior improvements would prohibit the seller from obtaining her desired sales price.

After the owners made the necessary wood repairs, it was time to revive the house with fresh paint and landscaping. We chose period-specific paint colors for the stucco and all of the detailed window trim.

We then made strategic landscaping improvements – new plants and scattered bark and sod – around the home to enhance curb appeal.

Excluding the cost for termite repairs (which were in line with expectation given the amount of deterioration), the homeowner invested about $9,000 in repairs prior to putting the home on the market. Without the improvements, the house may have gone to market for around $725,000.

Now that this adorable abode has been revived with a few key improvements, we plan to list for $799,800.

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